Top 5 Mercedes Cars under Rs.50 lacs (Part -1)

Mercedes-Benz is one of the biggest brands in the automobile world and its aspiration value in the Indian market is extremely high. Whether it is the Hollywood and Bollywood movies or just the legacy that the company has left behind, Mercedes Benz has left an impression on our minds for our own. However with big brands comes a big price which means the affordability of the car is not something that everyone can work with. However the German automaker has come out with some relatively economically priced cars for the Indian market for which a lot of working professionals can contemplate to buy one day. So let us take a look at the top 5 cars under Rs.50 lacs that Mercedes Benz has on offer.

1. Mercedes Benz C Class

The Mercedes Benz C Class comes at a price of Rs.37.90 lacs and has ample of top quality features to cherish. The diesel variant of the car is affordable and quite economical in terms of mileage as well with the sedan giving away 11.45kmpl for cites and 14.94kmpl for highways. The ARAI certified mileage for the car is 19.27kmpl.

Under the hood the sedan has a 2143cc engine that gives away 170PS power at 3000 to 4200rpm whereas the torque that can be twisted away is 400Nm at 1400 to 2800rpm. The engine is mated to a 7 speed automatic transmission system with a rear wheel drive setup. The suspension system is quite strong with the front suspension system being the 3 link McPherson struts and the rear suspension being MB Multi-Link independent.

In terms of appearance, Mercedes Benz has the classic sedan look that looks elegant from all angles while also having a muscular stance. Dimensionally the car comes with a length of 4591mm, a width of 1770mm and a height of 1447mm. There are various colors to choose from as well including Palladium Silver, Citrine Brown, Polar White and Obsidian Black.

2. Mercedes Benz GLA Class

Mercedes Benz GLA Class comes at a starting price of Rs.32.84lacs and is one of the more unique looking cars that the company has to offer under the range of Rs.50lacs. The crossover looks exquisite especially from the front with a top quality front grille and beautifully looking alloy wheels.

There are various colors in which the crossover is available in including Jupiter Red, Cirrus White and Cosmos Black. The engine works with a displacement of 2143cc with four cylinders of 4 valves each under its belt. The engine in return churns away 300Nm torque and 136PS power at 1600 to 3000rpm and 3400 to 4000rpm respectively. With a 7-speed automatic transmission system, Mercedes Benz GLA class is one of the top cars under Rs.50 lacs. 

Top 5 Mercedes Benz Car Under Rs.50 Lakh (Part -2)

Whenever we think of luxury cars, Mercedes Benz is one of the first names that come to our mind. The legendary automaker has proved it time and again through their glorious products that they are one of the best car makers in the world. However with a big brand names comes a big price tag and Mercedes Benz car are no different. But the German automaker has come up with some relatively economical options in recent past, and with continuation to our list, let us move onto to number 3.

3. Mercedes Benz E Class

Mercedes Benz E Class comes at a starting price of Rs. 48.5 lacs and is one of the better looking coupes in its class. The shear muscular appearance of the E Class commands respect and authority on the road. The exterior looks phenomenal with an elongated front fascia that features the signature grille of tristar. There are various colors in which the coupe is available in including Polar White, Iridium Silver, Dolomite Brown, Hyacinth Red, etc. The alloy wheels on the side also add to the flavor of the look. Dimensionally the vehicle features a length of 4879mm, a breadth of 1854mm and a height of 1474mm.

Under the hood Mercedes Benz E Class holds a 1991cc engine that has four cylinders of four valves each. The engine is more than capable and gives away 184PS power at 5500rpm along with a 300Nm torque at 1200 to 4000rpm. The engine works in sync with a 7-speed automatic transmission system and uses an all-wheel drive setup.

4. Mercedes Benz CLA Class

On number 4, we have the Mercedes Benz CLA Class that comes at a starting price of Rs. 31.61 lacs. The captivating character lines on the side along with the familiar signature grille on the front makes Mercedes Benz CLA Class one of the better Mercedes Benz vehicles under Rs.50lacs. Here too we find plenty of color options to choose from including Jupiter Red, Night Black, Northern Lights Violet and Universe Blue. As far as dimensions go, the coupe features a length of 4630mm, a width of 1777mm and a height of 1432mm.

Under the hood the engine of the coupe is backed by a 2143cc displacement with the engine using a forward wheel drive setup. As far as power and torque are concerned, Mercedes Benz CLA Class gives away 136PS at 3600rpm to 4400rpm for the former and 300Nm at 1600rpm to 3000rpm for the latter. There are tons of safety features with the car including airbags, side beam impact, child safety locks etc.

Top 5 Mercedes Benz Car Under Rs.50 Lakh (PART -3)

Being a huge brand, Mercedes Benz always comes with a price tag that depicts that grandeur aura. However as stated before almost all the luxury brands are now working towards providing cars that fit the budget of a relatively larger section of the audience. We have so far covered four cars that fall under the Rs. 50 lacs bracket and with Mercedes Benz A-Class we will cover the final one. The German car manufacturer has been serving the mankind for more than a century and since then the marque has been delivering quality vehicles and when it comes to quality, costs are always tend to go higher. Let’s check out the last but not the least piece of marvel by Mercedes-Benz that is made to make your life easier and more comfortable without compromising at any front:

5. Mercedes Benz A Class

The fifth addition to our list is the Mercedes Benz A-Class that comes at a starting price of around Rs. 28.5 lacs. The Mercedes Benz A-Class is one of the most economical luxury cars in its class and the hatchback also happens to be one of the most economical products from the company itself.

From the outside Mercedes Benz A-Class looks stunning with a beautiful front fascia that features the signature 3-star symbol that the German company is so famously known for. The side profile is beautiful as well with alloy wheels that give the hatch a nice mix of sporty and elegant appeal. The rear portion is subtle and elegant that makes this luxury car a complete package. Dimensionally the length of the car is 4299mm whereas its breadth and height is 2022mm and 1433mm respectively.

Under the hood the engine of the car is quite powerful as well with Mercedes Benz A Class running on a 1.6-litre 16V in-line petrol engine that has a 1595cc displacement. The engine is turn is able to churn away 122bhp power at 5000rpm along with 200Nm torque at 1250 to 4000rpm. The engine uses four cylinders of four valves each while it is mated to a 7 speed automatic transmissions system.

As far as performance is concerned the A-Class is able to go from 0 to 100kmph in just 8.6 seconds whereas the top speed for the hatch is 8.6 seconds. Fuel economy is not bad either with the vehicle giving away 12.03kmpl mileage for cities and 15.5kmpl mileage for highways. With ventilated disc brakes for both front and rear wheels along with other safety features like airbags and parking sensor, Mercedes Benz A-Class should satisfy customers in all segments.

 Most of the cars by Mercedes, even at their lowest base price, are still out of reach for many customers but you can go for a used Mercedes car so as to bring the budget further under your control. Nowadays the pre-owned luxury car market is evolving as a trusted place wherein you purchase the car of your choice without compromising on the front of quality or performance.